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AlaskaMid1, Mid2
Andante, Andante Kar
Angel EyesMid1, Mid2; Kar
Another Town, Another TrainMid1, Mid2; Kar
As Good As NewMid
Bang-A-BoomerangMid; Kar
ChiquititaMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4; Kar
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)Mid; Kar
Dancing QueenMid1, Mid2; Kar1, Kar2, Kar3, Kar4
Does Your Mother KnowMid1, Mid2; Kar1, Kar2
Dum Dum DidleMid; Kar
FernandoMid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar1, Kar2
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  Mid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar
Gonna Sing My Love SongMid
Hamlet 3Mid
Happy New YearMid1, Mid2; Kar
Hasta MananaMid; Kar
He Is Your BrotherMid; Kar
Head Over HeelsMid; Kar
Hey Hey HelenMid; Kar
Hole In Your SoulMid
Honey HoneyMid
I Am The CityMid
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I DoMid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar
I Have A DreamMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4; Kar1, Kar2
I Let The Music SpeakMid; Kar
I Wonder (Departure)Mid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar
If It Wasn't For The NightsMid; Kar
I'm A MarionetteMid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar
Intermezzo No1Mid
I've Been Waiting For YouMid1, Mid2; Kar
Just Like ThatMid1, Mid2
King Kong SongMid
Kisses Of FireMid; Kar
Knowing Me, Knowing YouMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4; Kar1, Kar2
Lay All Your Love On MeMid1, Mid2; Kar
Like An Angel Passing Through My RoomMid1, Mid2
Lovers (Live A Little Longer)Mid; Kar1, Kar2
Mamma MiaMid1, Mid2; Kar
Me And IMid
MedleyMid1, Mid2
Money, Money, MoneyMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4, Mid5; Kar
Move OnMid; Kar
My Love, My LifeMid1, Mid2
My Mama SaidMid
Nina Pretty BallerinaMid
One Man, One WomanMid1, Mid2; Kar
One Of UsMid; Kar
Our Last SummerMid1, Mid2
People Need LoveMid; Kar
Put On Your White SombreroMid; Kar*
Ring! Ring!Mid
Rock MeMid; Kar
Should I Laugh Or CryMid
Sitting In The PalmtreeMid
Slipping Through My FingersMid1, Mid2; Kar*
So LongMid
SoldiersMid; Kar*
SOSMid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar
Summer Night CityMid1, Mid2
Super TrouperMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4; Kar1, Kar2, Kar3
Suzy-Hang-AroundMid; Kar
Take A Chance On MeMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4; Kar1, Kar2
Thank You For The MusicMid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar
That's MeMid1, Mid2
The Day Before You CameMid; Kar
The King Has Lost His CrownMid; Kar
The Name Of The GameMid1, Mid2; Kar
The PiperMid
The VisitorsMid; Kar
The Winner Takes It AllMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4; Kar1, Kar2
TigerMid1, Mid2; Kar
Two For The Price Of OneMid1, Mid2; Kar
Under AttackMid1, Mid2; Kar*
Voulez-VousMid1, Mid2, Mid3; Kar1, Kar2
Watch OutMid1, Mid2
WaterlooMid1, Mid2, Mid3, Mid4, Mid5; Kar1, Kar2
What About LivingstoneMid
When All Is Said And DoneMid; Kar
When I Kissed The TeacherMid1, Mid2
Why Did It Have To Be Me?Mid; Kar
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